The Costume of Boba Fett Worn by Grogu

In this comedic #shorts video, #TrooperMom enlightens #Grogu about choosing age-appropriate superheroes while emphasizing the importance of showing respect for #AhsokaTano. Watch as #Grogu hilariously navigates through #StarWars characters, including his beloved #BabyYoda, #HalloweenCostume ideas like #BobaFett, and even iconic anti-hero #Deadpool.

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42 thoughts on “The Costume of Boba Fett Worn by Grogu

  1. Good that the mom was able to stop Grogu from talking bad about Ashoka bc when she said "THEY ARE GOING TO CUT YOU" yeah it wasn't some joke if he kept talking about her like that the Ashoka fan base would literally cut him in half