JARVIS Controlling Iron Man Helmet!

In this video, I will show you How To Make an Iron Man helmet with Jarvis. We will even motorize it so the faceplate moves up and down. So this helmet is fully Voice controlled with Jarvis’s voice in it. Hope you Guys love it!

Material Required:
-MG 90 Servos:
-Arduino Mega
-Voice Recognition Module:
-DFPlayer Mini (Use this instead of Serial MP3 Module):
-18650 Cell Holder:
-18650 Cells: Get from a Local Shop
-Audio Amplifier:
-LED Eyes: DM me on Instagram!
-Filaments I use:

Code and Circuit Diagram: Coming Soon!

3D printers I use:
Ender 3 v2:
Cr10s pro v2
Ender 5 Plus:

Social links:

Thanks for Watching…

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