Punisher – Iron Man mask Review

Just a quick review of the Hasbro Iron Man mask/helmet with the Punisher paint job.
It has glowing eyes and Electronics that yield a mechanical noise any time the face plate opens or closes. The face plate is magnetic and sticks to magnets on  top of the head when opened. The jaw comes out and goes down to give a full face view. And the back part of the helmet expands out to allow for ease of putting it on. It does not have a built-in voice amplifier.
Perhaps I will add a Voice amp to this in the future.

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2023 New White Iron Man Cosplay 1-1 Mk5 War Machine Helmet Electric Helmet Open Close Chinese English Voice Remote Control Toy

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The red packaging box is the same as the black packaging MK5 product, but the packaging box is different

“Close combat mode” & nbsp;”Shutdown syste English voice control opening and closing
Wake-up command:
“Hello JARVIS”
“open the mask”
” lose the mask”
“Start combat mode”
“close combat mode”
“shutdown system”
Battery box and wearing instructions
The battery box is hidden in the back cover and the back of the black pad is worn. Please remove the back cover and wear a head circumference of 60CM. You need to bring your own helmet batteries and four AA batteries.
Remote control battery: two AAA batteries
Iron man MK5 helmet manual
Model 1: Â 60CMÂ Iron Man MK5 helmet
Material: Plastic ABS
Size: 1 / 1 Wearable
Packaging: with box Mk5
Wearing head circumference: Â 60cm
Function: multi chip / integral opening and closing voice control
Helmet battery: No. 5 (a) battery x4
Remote control battery: No. 7 (AAA) battery x2

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