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Beerus is a literal god in the Dragon Ball universe with a domain in destruction, thor costume adult something he isn’t shy to use against people or entire worlds. Here Adam Koot-Bascomb presents the God of Destruction in all of his glory. The fans flocking back to the series when Dragon Ball Super was released. When Justin walked into a friend’s apartment to crash on the couch his first weekend in Knoxville, he was taken back when he saw Megan for the first time, sitting on the floor playing video games.

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For a cosplay under $100, it was easy to put a little bit of weathering work in the cosplay to make it match my vision for the character. He has started this CosplayHero store to allow other Cosplay enthusiasts like himself a platform where they can buy all kinds of costumes, that too, in premium quality. Project Sekai: Colorful Stage feat. Entertainment Earth’s offerings are here and include the famed “This is fine” meme dog, plus an Empire Strikes Back 40th anniversary backpack.