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It is estimated over 600 fans showed up to A-Kon 2008 dressed in video game attire, easily besting the previous “record” of 80 Marios. You’d want to start by testing with a lower heat setting and by continually moving the iron around to prevent the foam from over heating and melting. To join, select “Try Amazon Prime and start saving today with Fast, FREE Delivery” below the Add to Cart button. Fast, FREE Delivery is available to Prime members. He looks a bit upset when we point out that The Monorail Society, made up of 14,000 members worldwide, is on record saying The Simpsons has a lot to answer for. I use to make costume wings for adults for cosplay, and I’ve made costumes for cons I’ve gone to and even for a lot of the people that attended my pirate wedding! The nice thing about Patreon that sets it apart, is it’s one of the few social media where people can dictate what they see.

A person can check to see if a cosplay suit is appropriate for their shape by trying the costume on first. Sometimes you just see something that is really, really obscure and you think – that’s amazing, where did they get that idea from? Really, my whole family has an artistic flair about them. Be sure to check out more from Tia Sol, and give her a follow on her Instagram and Facebook. Or you can give it as a gift to family, friends, or role-playing fans. Die-hard fans never miss a chance to dress up, while some fans would rather die. For the first time in Europe fans have today had the chance to play Sonic Mania. You’ve said that you don’t play WoW — so how did you get the idea for the dolls? It seems that dolls and plush toys are in abundance this season, including the sweet duo pictured above, created by Layla Rei. It has already taken steps to ban elements of hip-hop culture, with broadcasters blurring tattoos and earrings if they are worn by male performers. Why is Chinese media blurring these actors’ ears? One fan simply asked: ‘Why is she like this? One fan wrote, ‘This 44-year-old momma loves your hair, makeup, outfits, vibes and videos!

Whether you’re a fan of all things Square Enix like Final Fantasy, or you’ve always loved everything Disney, you’re likely a huge fan of the unlikely but incredible video games series, Kingdom Hearts. It is a collaboration between Disney Interactive and Square Enix, and is under the direction of Tetsuya Nomura, a longtime Square Enix character designer. Increasing numbers are taking up their glue guns, wire cutters and sewing needles to fashion costumes so they can dress up like their favourite game or cartoon character. Brazilian nerds were starving for something like this, and now that they have it, they are chomping it down like a horde of Jewish dads at a tantalizing bar mitzvah buffet of deep-fried obscure cartoon characters. Well, meet Solange Nascimento Amorim, better known by her cosplayer name Tia Sol, a 55-year-old mother of three and a proud grandmother who does impressive cosplay of a slew of cartoon and other fictional characters. In a kaleidoscope of colours and imagination, Kids Of Cosplay invites readers on a vibrant journey through the world of cosplayers, harnessing their creative powers to transform into beloved characters from fantasy and pop culture. If these characters are unfamiliar, suffice to say it would be dangerous to mess with them.

This costume is perfect for Halloween parties, beach parties, dance sagas and theme parties (like the amazing bachelorette you are planning for your bestie). People have gone all out when it comes to costumes, clearly having spent a lot of time and money on making sure they look exactly like their favourite character. For more stories like this one you can now download the BBC Newsbeat app straight to your device. Unique Costume: A high-quality cosplay costume will make your party more enjoyable. More Fun: The Snake Eyes mask is perfect for cosplay, Halloween, Masquerade, Carnival, costume parties, stage performances, or any other occasion. This mask is your best choice, it will bring you a lot of fun! Tia Sol also told us that she had the most fun with cosplaying Yubaba from Spirited Away, and Muriel, Courage the Cowardly Dog’s owner. Our interview with Tia Sol was translated from Portuguese. Tia Sol explained that she enjoys doing cosplays of animes, comics, and series she likes to watch, and she focuses mostly on the ones that many have already forgotten. Having chosen the Draenei she had one big hurdle to overcome – how to fashion the hooves they have instead of feet.

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