The MCU has been innovative and has changed the game plenty of times… but currently, it’s been slacking a little, especially visually – and other than overdesign and its VFX issues, something that’s been quite lackluster is how the characters suit up, or transform. Heck even the process of putting on a helmet or taking it off is boring.. so how did we get here? One word (Or two together?)… Nanotech. Nano-Tech. Nano-whatever. You get what I mean.



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  1. I do enjoy that you state its not ruining movies. Because correct it isn't ruining movies it just makes them less interesting. Many other nitpickers will say these small issues would ruin all movies ever.

  2. just once i want to see an mcu character take off their helmet in the middle of a war, get completely obliterated by a piece of shrapnel, and then no one ever takes their mask off again like edna mode's hatred of capes

  3. The real reason why they removed the helmet so often is really to justify the price that they were paying the actors that play these characters.

    If we only see a bunch of CGI characters in helmet, well, the whole movies could've just been shot by body doubles and nobody would've been the wiser.

  4. My favorite example of covering an actors face while retaining emotion/drama is darth Vader’s reaction while Luke is being shocked by the emperor. They never show Vader’s face before this but you can still see how broken and sad he feels when talking to Luke about how it’s too late for him.

  5. What if the helmet could be split apart into some weapon. Could be practical and make for a sick scene. Taking the helmet off for effect, and bringing out a new weapon that brings hype

  6. The thing about the nanotech helmets is that you don't have to continually hold your damn helmet when you take it off. I'm 100% okay with that, I always thought it looked stupid to see a superhero standing around with their bucket under their armpit.

  7. I like the idea of the nanotech being kept somewhere on the body. That way you can make it so that it’s possible for the characters to lose their suits. Then you can build a point around them trying to build a temporary suit until they can get their regular one. Most of these issues are t things can’t can’t be translated to nanotechnology. It’s just that the way marvel uses it doesn’t carry the same emotional weight.

  8. Another problem is the lack of relatibility as the technology is constantly improving in the superhero movies even for a simple character like spiderman.

  9. Isnt related by would be sick to see Arcane effect Jayce had where he is firing hammer and you see glow in eyes (but instead in helmet/visor like some space marine helmet like master chiefs.)

  10. I don't mind appearing suits, but I wish that there was like an actual place that they came from, like I really enjoy tokusatsu, and there are always transformation devices for people to transform into their suits. In marvel they can just do it, and for a lot of characters it just doesn't make sense either, like some of these heroes should just have normal costumes. And if they are going to have like nanotechnology suits, at least let them have like some kind of origin space where the suit comes out of. Like they need a transformation device like a belt or a phone or something

  11. We are never going back to actual helmets. The convenience of the nano-magic helmet is just too good to give up. But I agree with you. I knew it would be an issue after the first thor movie, where they had him in the comic accurate helmet for the first scene he was in, just to leave it out for the rest of the time the character has been seen (with the brief exception of the helmet he wore in the Hulk fight in Ragnarok). He is a warrior. He should know the importance of good armor.