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Just before the final battle with Thanos, the Sanctuary II opens fire on the Avengers Compound which comes crumbling down on the remaining Avengers, and although War Machine’s suit is rendered useless, the Mark 85 emerges relatively unscathed. After dealing with the terrorists in Asia, Rhodes returned to New York, finding the battle already over he located Stark in a Shawarma restaurant where he was introduced to the Avengers. Termed the Suitcase Suit, this armor prioritized portability over strength and endurance. The government repainted Rhodes’ new War Machine armor with a patriotic color scheme, renaming it Iron Patriot because it got the best response from the public. War Machine took out the terrorists and continued to investigate the mysterious Ten Rings. Ebony Maw then attacked Iron Man, sending him across the city and out of Greenwich Village. Despite Tony initiating the Clean Slate protocol in Iron Man 3, he still built the Mark XLII suit for Age of Ultron. Tony used the armor against whiplash in Iron Man 2. Despite being a light armor, it did its job. Rhodes is under pressure by the United States government to convince Tony Stark to relinquish ownership of the Iron Man armor while remaining loyal to Stark despite frustration.

The Armor has rechargeable lasers and a powerful arsenal that took down a Chitauri Leviathan. It had the classic red and gold design with an arsenal of weapons like anti-tank missiles, heat flares, repulsor beams and more. The Mark XL Shotgun is the fastest Iron Man armor, capable of reaching speeds of more than Mach 5. The Mark XV Sneaky was another stealth based suit with a more robust and rugged helmet design. Mark XVI Nightclub had a stealth coating and a color-camouflage system. Mark XXXIII Silver Centurion Armor had two hidden blades and a stronger energy system. However his armor was under the control of Ivan Vanko and Rhodes was forced to fight Stark against his will. The alternative to listening to your gut will be to live in a state of regret – I think the choice is obvious. However, these materials will cause the armor to be frozen in high-altitude areas, according to the theme in Iron Man 1. Considering this, Tony Stark finally changed his selection to titanium alloy as the core material, with a mixture of glass fiber.

Upon seeing the Mark II armor in Tony’s workshop, James Rhodes claimed that he would don the armor “next time”. By the time of the Chitauri invasion of New York, War Machine was busy fighting terrorists in Asia. Rhodes began using the War Machine armor to take down Ten Rings terrorists in other countries finding that they had acquired Hammer Industries weaponry. Tony stripped the War Machine armor of everything that Justin Hammer had “upgraded” it with leaving the suit with no weaponry. After the confiscated Mark II armor is upgraded into the heavily armed War Machine armor, it is taken for a demonstration at the Stark Expo with Rhodes as its pilot. Potts decided to remain at the Stark Expo and coordinate with the police to make sure everyone was safe. High above this burdened world, I make my final supplication. As the mask covers her face, the part on above the eyes light up. Like many of you, we bawled our eyes out in Avengers: Endgame. Tony creates this armor out of scratch. When Rhodes pointed this out to Stark, Stark revealed that he had designed a suit specifically for Rhodes, the War Machine 2.0. The prototype was added to Stark’s Hall of Armor because he couldn’t simply scrap one of his creations.

It was designed by Tony Stark and Bruce banner should the Hulk ever go out of control. The War Machine software was rebooted by Natasha Romanoff, enabling Rhodes to regain control over his armor. Moving beyond a technological connection, this armor relies on a psionic one that grants Tony full control of the suit’s many properties. The War Machine armor returned to its original paint scheme. William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk in the original Star Trek series and is a noted space enthusiast, supplied an action figure of ‘Captain Kirk in Environmental Suit’. Heading to the Avengers base, Chris Evans’ Captain America was seen crying alone before he spoke with Black Widow, aka Natasha Romanoff, about their next move. After Ultron was defeated, Rhodes joined the new Avengers when Tony left the team. After the intervention turns into a fight that wrecked Stark’s home, Rhodes left with the Mark II armor. All its weapons are designed to specifically fight the Hulk, including jackhammers hands and a powerful aerosol sedative dispersion system. War Machine to fight against the Ultron Sentries attacking the S.H.I.E.L.D.