The Most Terrifying Halloween Costumes Ever!

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We had a blast making this video! It’s costume time round 5 and this time, all the boys got in on the fun. I really appreciate these guys and I hope you had a great time hanging out with us. I create videos regularly, so see you all tomorrow!

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Unveiling the Making of Grogu’s Halloween Costume

In this #shorts clip, his adorable costume is actually from Build-a-Bear! It’s truly a nostalgic piece that makes me wish they still created costumes of this quality. As a proud #troopermom, seeing my little one dressed up as #grogu/#babyyoda in this charming #starwars attire, reminiscent of #bobafett, brings a wave of joy. This #halloweencostume truly captures the essence of the beloved characters!

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The Costume of Boba Fett Worn by Grogu

In this comedic #shorts video, #TrooperMom enlightens #Grogu about choosing age-appropriate superheroes while emphasizing the importance of showing respect for #AhsokaTano. Watch as #Grogu hilariously navigates through #StarWars characters, including his beloved #BabyYoda, #HalloweenCostume ideas like #BobaFett, and even iconic anti-hero #Deadpool.

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